Vehicle Warranties

DASHUB offers warranties on qualifying salvage-title and clean-title vehicle purchases. Get peace of mind and cover your new vehicle with a warranty. We offer warranty packages for salvage-title vehicles and clean-title vehicles. If you're ready to talk about warranties, call 855-980-0900 or click here to chat live.

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What kind of warranty does DASHUB offer?

DASHUB, working through an esteemed national partner, is able to offer warranties (i.e., vehicle service contracts) on qualified vehicles. If you've ever purchased or owned a vehicle before, then at one point, you've probably had a similar warranty. We offer a variety of different package options, covering: engine, fluids and filters, automatic and manual transmission, rear axle, 4x4, labor, towing, sensors, seals and gaskets, fuel system, air conditioning (A/C), A/C fluids and freon, cooling system, electrical, ABS and brakes, steering and suspension, rental car, diagnostics, etc.; as well as services such as 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, towing, lockout, trip interruption, and more.

What kind of DASHUB vehicle qualifies for a warranty?

Not every vehicle we offer on our site is eligible for a warranty. The best way to determine if a vehicle you're interested in qualifies is to call 855-980-0900 or click here to chat live and talk with one of our sales consultants. But we have done some of the work for you.

The "Ask About Warranty" badge indicates that the vehicle may be eligible for a warranty, but does not guarantee the pictured vehicle is eligible for a warranty. The general guidelines are different for clean-title and salvage-title vehicles. Clean: newer than 15 years old, clean title (with no mechanical issues), less than 150,000 miles, and vehicle must exceed a minimum vehicle price (this varies). Salvage: cars and pickups only, up to 175,000 miles; additional fee required for high-end vehicles. There are other restrictions, and if you have questions, we recommend that you check for them on our Warranty FAQ or contact us directly.

Warranty Packages

We offer three warranty packages. See a brief summary of each package below.

For Clean-Title Vehicles

Plus Warranty Package

ENHANCED Warranty Package

3 Months / 5,000 Miles
6 Months / 9,000 Miles
12 Months / 18,000 Miles
24 Months / 30,000 Miles
36 Months / 40,000 Miles
48 Months / 50,000 Miles
Sensor Package (Included) Plus Package Enhanced Package
Engine Enhanced Engine
(OEM) Single Turbo-Supercharger^
Automatic transmission
Manual transmission
Front drive axle assembly
Rear differential
Four wheel drive/All wheel drive (Included)
Fluids & filters***
Seals & gaskets
Fuel system
Air conditioning (OEM) Enhanced Air Conditioning
A/C fluids & freon (Included)
Cooling system Enhanced Cooling
High tech electrical Enhanced Electrical (PCM)
ABS & brakes system**
Steering & suspension
Enhanced Fuel Delivery System
Rental car program (Powered by National Rental Car)
Diagnostics (Maximum of one hour or per All Data Labor Guides)
24/7 Roadside assistance & towing (Included)
Trip Interruption (Included - $200 Maximum Benefit)
  • ^ Surcharge Applies
  • * In conjunction with the replacement or repair of an A/C covered component.
  • ** Exclusions are: rotors, drums, pads, and linings.
  • *** Covered in conjunction with the failure of covered component.

See contract for complete program details.

For Salvage-Title Vehicles

Powertrain Plus Warranty Package

Protection against major systems repairs
24/7 Emergency roadside assistance
Lock out service
Fuel/Fluid delivery
Battery boost
Rental reimbursement
Increased resale value
Fully insured
Air conditioning
4x4 Transfer case
Fuel system
Drive axle (front and rear)

Term lengths vary. Contact us for details.

The coverage information on this page is supplied by DASHUB’s warranty partner and is for illustrative purposes only and does not guarantee that a potential future claim will be accepted. This information may change without notice. Please refer to your vehicle service contract for precise coverage details and information.