Warranty Package: Powertrain Plus (Salvage)

DASHUB offers a warranty package for salvage-title vehicles: Powertrain Plus. Read below to see a a summary of coverage details for the Plus package. Click here to read our Warranty FAQ.

DASHUB Powertrain Plus Warranty Package

Warranties for clean-title vehicles can be found here.

Powertrain Plus Package Coverage Summary

  • Plan Benefits Include
    • Protection against major system repairs
    • 24/7 Emergency roadside assistance
    • Towing
    • Lock out service
    • Fuel / fluid delivery
    • Battery boost
    • Rental reimbursement
    • Increased resale value
    • Fully backed
  • Air Conditioning
    • Compressor
    • Condenser
    • Evaporator
    • Expansion valve
    • Blower motor
    • Accumulator / Receiver-dryer and orifice tube are covered only if they have failed.
  • Cooler
    • Water pump
    • Engine-cooling fan motor
    • Engine-cooling fan and the engine-cooling fan clutch
    • Thermostat
  • Electrical
    • Alternator
    • Voltage regulator
    • Starter motor
    • Starter solenoid
    • Ignition switch
    • Front and rear wiper motors and switches
    • Washer pump and switch
    • Headlamp switch
    • Turn signal switch
    • Rear defroster switch
    • A/C / heater blower speed switch
    • Power window motors
    • Regulators and switches
    • Power door lock actuators and switches
  • Engine
    • All internal components of the engine that require lubrication for operation are covered.
    • The engine block, cylinder heads, timing chain cover, and oil pan are covered only if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated engine component.
  • 4x4 Transfer Case

    All internal components of the transfer case that require lubrication for operation.

  • Turbo Supercharger

    (Surcharge required.) All internally lubricated parts of the turbocharger or supercharger. Only OEM equipment qualifies for coverage.

  • Transmission
    • All internal components of the transmission that require lubrication for operation, including oil pump, drums, planetaries, sun gear and shell, shaft(s), bearings, shift rail, forks, and synchronizers
    • Torque converter
    • Vacuum modulator
    • Accumulator
    • Electronic shift control unit
    • Transmission case and pan are covered only if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated component
  • Fuel System
  • Fuel pump
  • Fuel injection pump and metal fuel lines
  • Drive Axle (Front and Rear)
    • All internally lubricated parts contained within the drive axle housing
    • Locking hubs
    • Drive shafts
    • Center support bearings
    • Universal joints
    • CV joints (except when damaged as a result of a torn or missing CV boot)
    • Drive axle housing and differential cover are covered only if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated drive axle component
  • The coverage information on this page is supplied by DASHUB’s warranty partner and is for illustrative purposes only and does not guarantee that a potential future claim will be accepted. This information may change without notice. Please refer to your vehicle service contract for precise coverage details and information.