Dashub 101

All you need to know to get started to Bid, Win, Drive!

How to Register

Registering with Dashub is fast, easy, and best of all, completely free! As a registered user, you will have access to over 150,000 cars, trucks, and motorcycles, with more vehicles being added daily. No dealership license is required to purchase a vehicle through Dashub. Just click here to get started.

Be sure to fill out all of the fields and agree to the terms of service before clicking SUBMIT! If you are registering with Facebook, don't forget to allow authorization!

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How to Add Bidding Power

Bidding power is the maximum amount you are able to bid on a select vehicle at auction. Upgrading your account with bidding power enables your Dashub specialist to take your bid to auction to win the vehicle on your behalf.

Bidding power can be added in your Hub, under in the Wallet section. Bidding power is calculated as 10 times your deposit in your Hub. The minimum amount of deposit required to start bidding is $500, which allows you to bid up to $5,000 on one vehicle. To bid more than $5,000 on a vehicle, you will need to add a minimum of 10% of your bid. For example, if you wanted to bid $12,000 on a vehicle, you will need to increase your bidding power by $1,200.

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How to Bid

To bid on a vehicle, you must be on a vehicle listing page. You can get to the vehicle listing page by clicking on the More Info button in the search. On the Dashub vehicle listing page, you will see a white text box in which you may type your bid. Your bid must be more than the current bid, which is displayed above the white text box. Once you have typed in your bid, click on the Place a Bid button to submit your bid to Dashub. You may also submit your bid by phone by clicking on the Bid by Phone button to get more information on how to call in your bid.

All bids must be placed before the auction start time. Only customers with paid deposits will be notified by email regarding their bids. If you wish to place a bid on a vehicle that is already at auction, please call us immediately: +1 (855) 980-0900.

Check the status of your bids in your Hub, under in the Garage section.

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What is a Buy Now Vehicle?

A Buy Now vehicle is available for immediate purchase and does not need to go to auction. The price of the car is listed and not negotiable. If a Buy Now vehicle is not sold by the auction date, you will then be able to bid on the vehicle for a chance to win it at a better price.

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