Former rental vehicles. Wholesale pricing. Available now.

DASHUB is now offering a new line of vehicles called “DASHUB Select”. These vehicles are former rental vehicles (you know, with some of the big rental companies). Similar to what we do with our Auction Line vehicles, we are giving you the access and the ability to purchase these vehicles at wholesale prices. You don’t need a dealer license. Just find the type of vehicle you want, at the price point you want, and buy it from us. We’ll take care of the rest: including additional pictures, vehicle delivery, title work, and of course auto financing.

Find a DASHUB Select Vehicle

How does DASHUB Select work?

We don’t list specific vehicles (that’s why you won’t see VIN numbers). Instead we list a vehicle Make / Model / Color, and then based on how many of those vehicles we have access to, we give you a mileage range and a price range. The pictures you see at first are stock images. Once you find one that you like a sales consultant will work out the specifics with you, such as: the exact vehicle, additional pictures, financing, vehicle delivery, etc …

Need Financing? DASHUB has options.

Ask for details.

How is DASHUB able to offer wholesale pricing to consumers?

We can’t give away all our secrets! But essentially, we’re an online retailer so we don’t have a big store or a lot to deal with. We don’t buy the vehicles up front. We wait until we have a deal with you. And we have relationships with the best companies in the world, and since we’re a dealership, we get the vehicles at ridiculously low prices. We pass those savings on to you while still making enough for ourselves to be a successful company.

How are these different than your Auction Line vehicles?

Our Auction Line vehicles are primarily sourced through insurance auto auction companies. Some of these vehicles have salvage titles, and most of them have sustained some sort of damage. Because of this, these vehicles can sometimes sell for up to 80% off the retail value. DASHUB Select vehicles are primarily sourced through rental companies and in most cases, will only require what we call “light reconditioning”. This could be cleaning some dirt off the floor, or throwing out a fast-food wrapper from the previous renter. In some cases the tires might be close to the end of their life, or you might see some minor dents and scratches. In other words, these vehicles are in much better condition that the Auction Line vehicles with the trade off that you’ll pay a bit more for them (but still less than the other guys!).