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Dashub - Salvage Auto Auctions
Salvage Auto Auctions

Salvage Auto Auctions

A brief introduction to auto recycling, including the process of buying salvage vehicles by bidding online, and the value of salvage vehicles and parts.

The business of salvage vehicles and used parts is not new to me and it surprises me how foreign it is to the majority of people. All vehicle owners out there are aware of the possibility of loss of their vehicles due to various unforeseen situations, and a glimpse into the salvage industry will provide an overview of how this field works.

If you have been unfortunate enough to face the loss of a vehicle, be it by accident, theft, or repossession, then you will be familiar with the agencies involved; possibly the local police service, insurance companies and the lender. Your car is “written off” as a total loss and the insurance company cuts a check for the current book value. They quote the highest possible repair cost for damaged vehicles, including top labor rates and maximum pricing for parts. I know this because I have sold plenty of parts to the insurance industry. In some states and provinces stolen and recovered vehicles are automatically considered a total loss after a specified number of days, thereby resulting in the vehicles being recovered in fine condition at a later date, but still deemed as a total loss or salvage simply because the claim has already been paid.

This is where we in the salvage auto industry come into the picture. Auto salvage has been going on for over a century and is arguably one of the oldest forms of recycling. The process involves procuring vehicles from insurance companies, typically via auction, through agencies such as Dashub.com. Until recently such websites were available exclusively to those with registered vehicle dealership licenses, however, there has been a shift towards allowing everyday consumers to register and bid online on salvage vehicles. For example, anyone interested, anywhere in the world, can view and bid, risk-free, on these 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-300's.

In the salvage vehicle industry, after the auction sale has closed on a particular vehicle, the winner or the highest bidder is notified and the vehicle(s) is then brought to the yard to be inventoried and cataloged. A sophisticated parts management system is used by most salvage yard businesses, with the Hollander collection being one of the most popular systems throughout North America. Vehicles are tagged either as 'resale' or 'parts only' and inventoried as such. Consumers can view this inventory at MyPartsShop.com. You can also find listings in their local areas by checking the Yellow Pages, under headings such as auto salvage, used parts, auto body repair, auto recyclers, and towing. This way, vehicles that are considered scrap are turned to reusable products thereby reducing wastage and dumping.

This is a very brief overview of the process of auto recycling from the perspective of the auto recycling industry. It is an exciting and available option that you should consider when shopping for your next replacement part or even “new-to-you” vehicle. 'Environmentally and economically conscience' are not words often associated with auto repair or purchase, but the vehicle salvage industry really offers both!