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Dashub - Opening the Sale of Salvage up to the Public

Opening the Sale of Salvage up to the Public

Salvage vehicles, once available only to licensed dealers, is now being sold online by auto salvage auctions providing consumers access to dealership pricing.

The auto salvage industry continues to change in a variety of ways. It used to be an exclusive world, limited mainly to those with dealership and salvage licenses. The option for the average consumer to buy parts and cars from auto salvages has always been available, but in recent years, the link between auto salvage and the everyday consumer has strengthened considerably. This shift presents the opportunity for consumers to access excellent salvage vehicles at dealership pricing.

In the early days of vehicle salvage, independent yards secured contracts with insurance companies. These contracts defined the territory to be covered and the agreed upon value that the salvage yard would pay for different classifications of salvage. Once awarded a contract you were required to pick up all salvage in your area, which could include multiple states or provinces. Our salvage yard had a contract with Unifund for over 30 years. That contract ended in 2012 and has since been awarded to an auction agency.

With rising fuel costs and an economy that has been hot and cold over the past couple of decades, the contracts between insurance companies and salvage yards have become scarce. It became more feasible to sell a multitude of vehicles at one time, at one centralized site. Auction sites began to spring up across the USA and Canada, with auctions held on a weekly or bi-weekly In order to buy you had to qualify to be a registered buyer and be physically present to place your bids. There is a certain thrill associated with live buying, but it also can lead to overspending. If you see something you really want right in front of you, slipping away, it is easy to surpass your spending limit, as you are caught up in the action of the sale. With great advances in technology, auction agencies have since switched to an online platform for marketing and selling salvage.

Dashub is a similar, up and coming site that offers consumers access to dealer pricing on salvage across North America. It promotes the preferable way to buy salvage, which is via real time auctions, whereby, a specified time is allotted for the sale, you can see the current highest bid and participate by entering a higher bid. Advantages of buying this way are that it is easier to set and maintain a budget, you have a better chance of getting the make and model you desire because you can watch and participate in multiple sales, and you can buy anywhere in North America at any time.

(As an aside, if you are an automobile enthusiast and you have a yearning to attend a live auction then I’d recommend Barrett-Jackson, not for salvage, of course, but for the display of unique and rare vehicles presented. I was lucky enough to be in Las Vegas for a Lucas Oil Off Road event, at the same time the Barrett-Jackson auction was on, an amazing, top ten lifetime experience for sure! If Barrett-Jackson cars are for you, as they are for me right now, unattainable salvage does provide an affordable option for the classic car enthusiast. Check out these links for listings of 1957 Chevrolets, including a Bel Air, and 1969 Camaros).