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Dashub - No Dealer License Required
No Dealer License Required

No Dealer License Required

In your search to find a great deal on your next car, truck, or motorcycle, chances are you have come across many vehicles for unbelievable prices at online auto auctions. The price savings on these vehicles are significant, often in the thousands of dollars, and yet your shopping experience inevitably comes to a swift end with three little words: dealer license required.

Unfortunately, many online auto auctions, including insurance auctions and salvage auctions, will only allow individuals or companies with a dealer license to bid on their vehicles and take advantage of their wholesale pricing. The process of registering for a dealer license is incredibly lengthy, often requiring days–if not weeks–of work. In addition to the cost in time, the process will set you back at least a few hundred dollars.

In fact, each state’s Department of Motor Vehicles has its own set of procedures for obtaining a dealer license in that particular state – just take a look at the registration requirements for the New York State DMV alone. To fully take advantage of the best deals around the country, you would have to register for a dealer license in each and every state in which you wished to purchase a car. The enormous time and financial commitment required to obtain these dealer licenses is enough to make anyone think twice – are the dealer only savings at the auto auctions really worth it?

With Dashub, your answer to this question can be a resounding YES! As a registered Dashub user, you can browse from and bid on the largest online selection of vehicles available at auto auctions in the United States, including insurance auctions and salvage auctions. Whether you are looking to buy and sell vehicles for profit (sometimes called “flipping cars”) or looking to buy wholesale vehicles for personal use, Dashub’s transparent, customer-centric car buying experience places the power (and savings!) right back into your hands, where they should be.

The best part? Registration is completely free and no dealer license is required! That’s right: you do not need a dealer license to bid on any vehicle on Dashub.

As a licensed dealership, Dashub will bid on auction vehicles on your behalf and give you access to exclusive dealer-only savings. Make deposits and place offers on vehicles directly on our website or by phone, and Dashub will go to auction to bid on your behalf. Having trouble finding the car you want? Simply give us an idea of what you are looking for and let our professional car specialists do all of the work!

Buying a car at Dashub is easy, convenient, and most of all: affordable. With exclusive dealer-only savings and no dealer license required, it’s the way car buying should be.