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Dashub - Best Vehicles under $10,000

Best Vehicles under $10,000

Shop, score and save; search auto salvages and auctions when buying a vehicle with a budget under $10 000

When Best Vehicles under $10,000 was suggested as a topic I immediately thought, a nice working Chevrolet 4x4; simply because the last two salvage vehicles I bought in this price range, were just that. I have a 2005 GMC Yukon Denali, my all time favorite vehicle, which I have retired from the road now, but I have plans to add a Rough Country lift and a nice set of Mickey Thompson’s. Currently my daily drive is a 2010 GMC Sierra, like new with less than 15,500 miles. If Chevy trucks are not your thing, maybe you are a die-hard Ford or Toyota enthusiast, whatever it may be, there are many salvage options within this price range.

At the $10,000 price point, your possibilities are endless. The only thing you need to remember in your budget is to allow for inspections and repairs if necessary. Late model, mid-to-high-end cars and newer model trucks and SUV’s are often bought within this price range; and if you are an avid user of auction sites, you can find deals beyond belief, from time to time. Consider this, in March on Dashub we found a 2015 Sierra 4 door, ling box, with less than 2000 miles, with a current bid of less than $10 000. Isn’t that a grab? Used vehicles are an option, but, at this price point, you will most likely end up with something older and with higher mileage. Articles on best cars under $10 000 by Fox News and Autotrader.com are evidence of this; most of the vehicles listed are in 2005-2008 range.

The Honda Civic comes up repeatedly as being one of the top cars in this budget and I’d tend to agree. They are reliable, affordable, and easy to maintain, economical and are simply nice cars to drive. Toyota Camry’s are nice cars in this price range, with a good reputation, and many of the newer crossovers will be available to you, as well. In salvage at the $10 000 price point, you should be able to find something 2010 and up, with less than 60 000 miles. I just did a search on Dashub and found several listings for 2013-2014 Civics with current bids less than $10 000. The nice thing about Civics (and Chevy trucks for that matter) is that they hold their resale value. Decreased resale value is a consideration with salvage, but these vehicles, in good running condition are guaranteed to offer some return on your investment. You can use resources such as Kelly’s Blue Book and the Black Book, often used in Canada, to get resale values on all makes and models of vehicles.

In salvage, at this price range, you can even dream a little. Higher end, luxury, and sports cars are also not out of the question at this price point, if you are considering salvage. My brother has been buying and driving salvage Camaros since he turned 16. Other fun options in this price range, include recreational vehicles like ATVs, snowmobiles, and boats. Splurging on these toys is not possible for many people at the retail price points offered by dealers. Justifying having a monthly payment on something you use occasionally for fun is hard. Considering salvage when shopping for vehicles in this category offers a definite bargain. Many times, recreational vehicles that come up for auction have no damage and were deemed salvage because they are stolen and recovered or repossessed.

If you are shopping for a vehicle under $10,000, then by all means, check out salvage. Compared to used, it opens up a whole other class of vehicles; popular midrange cars, trucks, SUV’s and crossovers that are newer, with lower mileage. Plus even being able to buy that toy you’ve always wanted is feasible under $10,000 if you buy salvage.