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Dashub - The Auto Salvage Industry and Its Partners

The Auto Salvage Industry and Its Partners

The auto salvage industry is a partnership between, the American Recyclers Association, insurance, government, auctions and repair industries.

Any industry is defined by the partners or major players that come together to form relationships and create success. Such relationships have been forming in the auto salvage industry for decades. Partners include organizations of auto salvage professionals advocating for positive advancement in the industry. Strong, ongoing relationships exist between the auto salvage industry, the insurance industry, the government, trade professionals, and accredited service providers. If you want to successfully navigate the world of salvage, it is wise to have an understanding of existing and developing relationships with repeatable partners.

Firstly, there are organizations in each state, province, and at national and international levels, that serve businesses and professionals in the auto salvage industry. The American Auto Recyclers Association has been representing the industry since 1943, and it is the only international organization currently doing so. Education, advocacy, and collaboration with partners from associated industries are fundamental goals of these groups.

By far the most important relationship to the auto salvage industry is with the automotive insurance industry, which is the core source of salvage vehicles available on the market today. The insurance industry is able to recoup some loss by selling vehicles as salvage, which in turn helps alleviate the rising cost of insurance. Auction sites, open to the public, are increasingly selling this salvage via a live block and real time sales.

The relationship between the auto salvage industry and the government is key. It is the government, at the provincial or state level, who defines salvage and enforces the laws surrounding registration of vehicles with salvage titles. These laws are in place to protect the public and the auto salvage industry. Professionals in the salvage industry strive to uphold best practices because their survival depends on it; returning safe vehicles to the road is vital.

This brings us to the next two major industry partners; the automotive services and collision repair industries. It is imperative that certified and qualified technicians, at accredited centers, be the only ones involved in servicing and repairing your vehicle, be it new, used, or salvage. Organizations like the Automotive Service Association provide listing of centers belonging to their association, thereby subscribing to their standards and code of ethics. Similar organizations govern collision repair, for example in Canada we have the Canadian Collision Industry Forum.

The industry of vehicle salvage is a dynamic and exciting world. As it can be seen, valuable, well-established relationships exist between the auto salvage industry and the industries closely related to it. Continued public education and consumer involvement will see the auto salvage industry grow for years to come.