About Dashub

Dashub was founded by a group of car enthusiasts who set out to revolutionize the car buying experience. As an online used car auction company, our mission is to create an easier, more affordable way to purchase a car by giving our clients exclusive access to insurance and salvage auto auctions. Auto auctions give you an opportunity to purchase vehicles for a fraction of the price, saving you thousands of dollars in the process.

Dashub is dedicated to providing the ultimate online car buying experience. We do not keep our inventory in a show room or on a dealership lot, which helps keep our costs low and creates huge savings that we then pass on to you!

We understand that buying a car online may be a new experience for many of you, and your trust in our company is of utmost importance. At Dashub, we pride ourselves on our integrity, and our staff is dedicated to making sure we provide you with an honest and transparent car buying experience. No high-pressure selling, no negotiation tactics, no dealership salesmen. Our customer-centric process is exactly that – all about you.

How does an online car auction work?

Online auto auctions are typically available only to licensed dealerships. Insurance companies auction off their cars to the automotive insurance industry, which essentially constitutes the core source of salvage vehicles available on the market today. By selling off their salvage vehicles, the insurance industry is able to recoup some loss, which in turn helps alleviate the rising cost of insurance.

But I’m not a licensed dealership. How do I get access to these auctions?

That’s where Dashub comes in. As a licensed dealership, Dashub bids on your behalf, giving you the opportunity to get your new car at the same prices that dealerships pay, usually for pennies on the dollar! Vehicles from all the major auction houses are featured on our easy-to-use website, with new cars being added every few hours.

At Dashub.com, you can browse through and obtain specific details on over 150,000 vehicles. Each vehicle comes with extensive information about the current condition of the car and includes several photos of the exterior and interior of the car.

I’m new to the whole auto auction business. Can someone help me get started?

Our professional car specialists are always available to help you find the perfect vehicle to fit your needs and your budget. In addition, they will help you place bids, purchase, and arrange for home delivery (both domestic and international) of your new vehicle all from the convenience and comfort of your own home.