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What is DASHUB?

DASHUB sells used vehicles online for up to 80% off retail. We have two lines of vehicles.

DASHUB Auction Line

These vehicles are sourced through our relationships with vehicle auction companies. Search nearly 200,000 vehicle auctions, bid on the vehicle you want, and we will use our dealer license to buy it. Then you buy it from us for an agreed-upon price, saving tons of money, and gaining easy access to something you really didn’t before.

DASHUB Select - NEW!

These vehicles are sourced through our relationships with national rental and fleet companies. Their rental life is over. Now’s your chance! We get these vehicles at ridiculously low prices, and now you can too. View the DASHUB Select line of vehicles here.

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DASHUB Auction Line - Online auto auctions for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more.

DASHUB members have access to nearly 200,000 automobiles at a fraction of their retail value. Many of the vehicles in our Auction Line inventory are sold via a used car auction. At these auctions bids on the car--or motorcycle, or van, or whatever it is--come in from all over the world, and only one person can win that vehicle, and it’s usually a car dealer. We want that person to be you. At this point you might be wondering, “do I need a dealer license to access DASHUB’s online car auction?” Nope! We’re the dealership. Each member that is ready to purchase a vehicle from our Auction Line is assigned a DASHUB Sales Consultant. You’ll have personal service throughout the entire process.

We don’t just offer car auctions, and not every vehicle is sold at auction. Many of our pre-owned vehicles have a “Buy Now” price. Sometimes we can even land a better deal than the listed buy-now price, so if you find one you want, contact your Sales Consultant right away. These go quickly.

Why Customers Love Dashub

My experience buying the vehicle was more than satisfying. The Dashub team always kept me informed and made everything easy and convenient. I was very happy since it was my first time. My car was delivered to my driveway and even the person that delivered the vehicle said he was very impressed on the looks. Getting a lot of positive comments on my vehicle. Thank you for making my Christmas complete!

Kraig F. - San Diego, CA

Great way of getting the car I like at a fraction of the price. The salesperson I spoke with was very knowledgeable. They helped me with every step of the transaction. Michael in particular was outstanding from the start to the end. Thanks Michael. Thanks Dashub!

Rachid E. - Chicago, IL

My experience was very easy. The site is built in a way that it's easy to navigate. I was easily able to place a deposit which as a trust factor was safe for me. The communication process with the DASHUB team was fantastic. They always answered all of my calls and emails to the best of their knowledge. Thank you for everything. I'll definitely recommend DASHUB to all of my friends!

Rena W. - Blaine, MN

I cannot say enough how awesome you guys are! I first heard about Dashub from YouTube. Since then, I knew this is the place to find the best deal. I will definitely recommend Dashub to all my friends who are looking for cars. Thank you again!

Ziyan Z. - Los Angeles, CA

After experiencing the purchase of my Nissan Altima, all my expectations in regards to the professionalism of your company were fulfilled beyond any imagination. The smoothness of handling all the paperwork as part of the transaction is an invitation to a continuous new way of doing business. I couldn't be more happy. Thank You, DASHUB!

Moises A. - Hialeah, FL

Mike, thanks so much for all your help. I thought your service was awesome. You responded well as I searched for a car on DASHUB. Thanks for your prompt return on all your phone calls and your advice. Thanks so much!

Will C. - Wind Gap, PA

First of all big thanks to Chris. Fellow brothers and sisters, next time you're looking to buy a very good and inexpensive car, don't go to the dealer because I found somewhere you can get any kind of car with any budget. That's DASHUB. I bought a 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander for only $3,800. Besides this great deal, they will help you with everything you need to have the car of your dreams. Bye bye dealer! Dashub is here now to help you! Thanks again to Chris.

Mamadou D. - Los Angeles, CA

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Salvage cars for sale. Are all of the auctions salvage title cars?

No. Let’s talk about salvage title cars, and what “salvage” means (people sometimes say “salvaged” car or “salvaged” title and while that’s not technically correct, we get it). As a DASHUB member when you browse our Auction Line inventory you’ll find vehicles listed with a salvage title or a clean title. These represent categories of technical terms used by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and insurance companies. For the sake of brevity: a salvage title means that at some point in the vehicle’s history the auto insurance company declared that the damage was enough to warrant a salvage title. A clean title means that didn’t happen, or that the vehicle was already repaired in a sufficient way.

When an insurance company takes possession of a vehicle it often goes to an insurance auto auction. That’s where we come in. Normally, a dealer attends this auction, bids on the vehicles, wins them, does some work, then puts them on the lot and tries to sell them back to you at retail (otherwise known as “a big markup”). We allow you to cut out much of the middleman stuff and win that vehicle at a fraction of what you would have paid had you walked into a dealership. We also get vehicles with clean titles at these auctions and you can bid on them just the same.

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Need to find a killer deal on a motorcycle? DASHUB it.

We don’t just offer online car auctions. We have motorcycle auctions, suv auctions, vans, trailers, boats--need a golf cart?--RV auctions, buses, industrial vehicles (you know; big rigs, tractors, and forklifts). But one of our most popular vehicles is the motorcycle. We sell a lot of bikes, from BMW, Ducati, Honda, Harley-Davidson, even Vespa if you need a scooter.

The process to get started is simple: sign up for a free account right here. It’s risk free and there is no obligation to buy. If you’re already a member--great!--let’s take a look at your account and see if you have Bidding Power. Don’t know what Bidding Power is? Give us a call right now 855-980-0900, click here to Chat Live, or text a message to 855-811-3274 (we’ll text you back), and we’ll walk you through the process.

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